Best Cloud Backup Service

Never Forget with the Best Cloud Backup Service

Did your computer just die and you forgot to run the backup again? When you work with Nick's Backups 'n' More, that problem will be gone. We offer the best backup service with secure cloud access and a set schedule that sends your data to the cloud without any clicks required. Your sensitive client files, budgets, plans, and favorite pics of your kids will always be stored in multiple locations, so when your computer does suffer a failure, your data remains intact.

The Best Backup Service is Always On

Most computers come with software support for backups, but they usually require you to remember to click "Okay" when you want the backup to run. At best, the backup is just a duplicate set of files stored on the same computer. If you are lucky, you might have a virtual cloud in your home, but that still needs you to agree each time the backup runs. Our best cloud backup service is always on. It simply does the job without reminders. Your data is secured on redundant cloud servers.

Easy to Sign Up, Install, and Access Your Cloud Data

There is no need to head to the store and buy new equipment when you run with Nick's cloud backup. Give us a call, we send you a link via email, we log into your computer and install the software and set up the backup schedule. You are provided a login to the cloud, so if you ever need to retrieve your files, they are just a click away. It is so simple you will never want to operate a computer without a remote backup system again.

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