Computer Repair

N.B.M. (Nick's Backups 'n' More)  is a computer repair, wifi security, and data protection business. We provide services for individuals and small businesses, which we define as businesses that operate half a dozen or fewer computers (We are flexible if you have a few more computers than that). 

Startup Development Team

Computer Repair

Blue Screen!


Sudden shutdowns. 


That one-of-a-kind smell of burnt electronics...

We are happy to repair any computer issues you may have!


Virus Removal 

Suspect a virus is affecting your computer?

We will remove viruses and recommend best practices to prevent malware from infecting your computer or network in the future.

Data Protection

We make a backup of every storage device you bring us.

When you acquire our services we will come to your establishment for repair or pick up your device for further repair if needed. We will back up your data before doing any diagnostics or repairs.

Wifi Security

Secure your WiFi! Prevent unwanted "guests" from accessing your WiFi.

Create a network security plan that will be implemented to protect your network.

Contact Us

La Quinta CA United States

Address (P.O. box)

77932 Country Club Dr Suite 2-2,  #122 Palm Desert, CA 92211