Phone Repair

Fast Phone Repair Keeps You in Contact

Your phone is your mobile office! At Nick's Backups 'n' More, we can get your iPhone, Samsung, or Motorola back on the grid with fast phone repair. There is no need to head to the big box store with its long lines and longer repair times. As one of our regular customers, we can even pick it up at your home or business and have it back in your hands in just a day or two. In many cases, a locked up phone is a result of a failed update. We know how to wind the clock back and get your phone ringing again.

Save Big with Local Phone Screen Repair

The most common reason for replacing a phone is a cracked screen. Skip the headache and cost with a phone screen repair. It doesn't take expertise and specialized tools to remove and apply a new screen to your smartphone. We have years of experience and have helped many clients in the area with this fast repair. This is a great option when you don't want to lose the files, music, and pictures downloaded to your current phone.

Backup Your Data from Laptop, Phone, or Tablet

Would you like to share more files between your work and mobile devices? Ask Nick's Backups 'n' More how you can tie all your computers, big and small, to your cloud backup. Seamlessly share editable documents, images, spreadsheets, and more without using public options. While we always run a backup before repairing your phone or laptop, it is always better to have a backup that you can access from any location on any device.

If you would like to learn more about phone repairs and data backups, give us a call! We work solely with individuals or small businesses with fewer than six devices so we are always available for you!