Remote IT Support

Affordable and Easy Remote IT Support

Were you up late troubleshooting a failed Windows update again? Remote IT Support from Nick's Backups 'n' More is designed for the little guys like you that need improved support for their network without spending a fortune. We are local and work solely with small businesses and single clients that need a helping hand working with the latest in PC and tablet technology. Once you have our remote desktop access installed, we can provide 24/7 support without requiring your direct interaction at the office.

Get Better Response with IT Services Near Me

If you sign up with the big named companies, it is likely the phone will be answered by a clerk on the other side of the world. With IT services near me by Nick's Backups, we speak your language. We will be familiar with your network and security settings. You get the assistance needed right now with a person you can truly relate to your local business.

Securing Your Network, Data, and PCs

Our managed IT services include providing updated security for your computers, software, and files. We can set up a cloud backup system that runs automatically every night, every hour, or every minute. When it is time to replace the old payroll PC loaded with sensitive personal information, we can help you migrate the data and render the old hard drive useless. Should you require a hardware repair, there is no need to ship it out as we are right around the corner.

Get yourself a PC guy that stands in your corner! Call Nick's Backups 'n' More today for a complete schedule of services and fees designed for your small business.