Small Business IT Services Near Me

Stay Secure with Small Business IT Services Near Me

Are you spending valuable time trying to keep up with updates and threats to your small business network? Give Nick's Backups 'n' More a ring for reliable small business IT services near me. We will get all of your machines up and running with the latest virus protection, secure your network, and provide support when any of your registered computers runs into trouble. It's one more task off your list!

IT Managed Services Protect Your Data and Your Clients

When you upgrade to IT managed services you are better able to protect personal information, files, emails, and other sensitive materials within your network and in the cloud. We will help you set up passwords, encryption, secure selling points, and schedule data backups that never require you to remember that important task. We can schedule updates so they do not interfere with your daily operation and answer any question you may have about new office technology.

Remote Backups, Virus Protection, and More

Backups are always the key to providing seamless service to your customers and clients. When you work with Nick's Backups 'n' More, your network will be connected to a secure offsite cloud storage that will run data backups for all your business machines on a set schedule. We provide regular virus scans and run the latest versions for the best protection. When you run into a problem, you pick up the phone, we dial in, and you get on with your day.

We work with small businesses operating six or fewer computers and give you the personalized attention you deserve. Click or call for a complete list of services and fees today.